Our vision


Ensuring business value

New Frontier Group is driven by a fundamental principle: Ensuring business value to our customers. 


Digital transformation

Digital technologies have already transformed many aspects of our daily lives. How we communicate. How we establish and nurture friendships. How we inform ourselves. How we do shopping, make travel arrangements or deal with banks. Digital brings the customer to the center of every initiative and enforces a move towards transparency, openness, increasing speed and simplicity, as well as enabling collaboration in all areas. 


Business focus

Our aim is to support our clients in their own digital transformation by offering innovative, customer-facing products and consulting services to reshape business models and generate value.

For years, we have been deploying enterprise applications for global players, large enterprises and mid-market companies. By combining this long-term experience with our expertise in the area of digital transformation and our innovation activities, our strategy comprises the practices and solutions that help a company to move from the closed and protected IT ecosystem typical of the industrial age towards the digital space of the new economy in order for them to be able to create value.

Management Team

Branislav Vujovic

Branislav Vujovic

President New Frontier Group
Strive to become better

Branislav Vujovic is founder and also president of New Frontier Group and has overall responsibility for the New Frontier Group, with special focus on Innovation, M&A strategy, group strategy and investor relationship.

Dejan Popovic

Director New Frontier Group
People are the only appreciating asset.

Dejan Popovic is Co-founder and Director at New Frontier Group. He is responsible for NFG legal and governance topics, as well as for strategic development activities, especially in the people development area.
One of the basic beliefs of New Frontier Group is that the employees of our company represent one of the major competitive differences between us and our competition, and therefore special attention needs to be paid during the whole life cycle of our employees to the identification of their human potential, development and skills augmentation.

Dejan Popovic
Gregor Bierent

Gregor Bierent

Managing Director
Innovation is key driver of future business success

Gregor Bierent is Managing Director in New Frontier Group, taking responsibility of New Frontier Innovation, the innovation hub for own software products and digital consulting services in New Frontier Group. Previously, Gregor was acting in different management roles for leading international consulting companies (e.g. Capgemini) and driving business in CEE. Gregor graduated from Vienna’s University of Technology where he studied Business Informatics.

Our journey

  • Feb 2017

    Entering Africa

  • Aug 2016

    Expanding global business to Middle East (GCC)

  • Nov 2015

    Shareholding of Profinit & New Frontier Slovakia sold to Profinit EU s.r.o

  • Nov 2015

    NPS (Serbia)

  • Jan 2014

    Establishment of a separate branch New Frontier Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Dec 2013

    XAPT (expansion to Romania & Bulgaria)

  • Sep 2013

    Smart (Serbia)

  • Sep 2013

    Tegetdot (Serbia)

  • Jul 2013

    Teligent (Russia)

  • Dec 2012

    New Frontier Poland (Poland)

  • Dec 2012

    NF CSB (Slovenia)

  • Sep 2012

    XAPT (expansion to Australia)

  • Jul 2012

    Technoserv Consulting (Russia)

  • apr 2011 Rebranding of New Frontier Group
    Apr 2011

    Rebranding of New Frontier Group

  • Jul 2010

    New Frontier Innovation

  • Nov 2009

    Saga (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia)

  • Nov 2008

    XAPT (Hungary, Canada, USA)

  • Dec 2007

    Romsys (Romania)

  • Oct 2007

    Profinit & New Frontier Slovakia (Chech Republic & Slovakia)

  • aug 2006 Foundation of New Frontier Holding
    Aug 2006

    Foundation of New Frontier Holding

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