Our Managed Security Services include:

  • Advanced Security Consultancy Services:
    • Support to define or update security strategy,
    • Penetration and vulnerability testing (Ethical Hacking): security professionals, design and launch of controlled attacks in order to give insight into customer security flaws, assessment of maliciously targeted security threats in the customer environment,
    • Security and threat research to proactively prevent attacks,
    • Training and education: preparation of complex cyber-attack scenarios, acquisition of practical skills, knowledge and experience in virtual threats on a real technological environment that simulates the client’s own system.
  • Security response team: 24x7 team ready to respond to any ongoing threat, attack or vulnerability,
  • Digital forensics, cyber-attack investigation and data analysis,
  • Security intelligence and analytics,
  • Delivery and management of best-in-breed solutions aiming at:
    • Securing infrastructure and applications,
    • Protecting people and data,
    • Complying to standards and regulations (e.g. ISO 27001).

We provide solutions for:

  • Server and Integrated security: Public Key Infrastructure, Network Access Protection, Data Loss Prevention,
  • End Point Security: End Point Security software (Antimalware, Firewall...), Secure endpoint access, Secure identity hardware (Smart Cards, Tokens), Inspection of peripheral devices on working stations, Secure portable storage, Secure operations from a remote location,
  • Directory and Identity Services, operating systems, printing solutions: Active Directory, Windows Serves, Linux/Unix Servers, Printer outsourcing, Maintenance and printer consumables outsourcing.
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