Digital Infrastructure



Bigger bandwidth demand is one of the consequences of digitization. Companies undergoing a digital transformation and aiming at the global market need, therefore, to review and update their infrastructure. Virtual environments, as the ones provided by New Frontier Group, are a sure way to optimize investments in IT and give CIOs and data center managers the necessary tools for success in the digital world.

New Frontier Group’s products include:

  • Data center,
  • Data warehousing,
  • Storage and computing,
  • Virtualization,
  • Networking and unified communication.

Business Value

The digital infrastructure services offered by New Frontier Group let you stop worrying about the underlying technology. Reduce your IT maintenance costs, optimize your operations and prioritize your core business with our end-to-end infrastructure services.



A well-thought-out digital infrastructure has low operational and maintenance costs, is scalable and saves resources in desktop administration, application management and bandwidth.



EMC, IBM, HP, Oracle/Sun, VMware, CISCO Systems, Juniper Networks are among our trustworthy partners in digital infrastructure services.

The data centers provided by New Frontier Group abide to high standards, ensuring the integrity and functionality of their IT systems. We value business continuity and security.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Project design and implementation,
  • Assessment of existing locations,
  • Consultancy for the rehabilitation of existing locations,
  • Consultancy for the design of new locations,
  • Equipment supply and project implementation,
  • Requirements for choosing the colocation space,
  • Evaluation of requirements related to architecture, electrical installation, IT network, and physical security,
  • Hosting services for equipment in dedicated spaces maintained 24x7,
  • Collocation rooms are especially designed and equipped to a high standard.

New Frontier Group is a leading IT provider for consultancy, design, installation, implementation and support for storage and computing solutions. Our services cover installation, configuration and maintenance of equipment.

Rely on New Frontier Group for:

  • Consultancy for technology choices for servers and storage infrastructures,
  • Design of storage and computing infrastructure,
  • Installation and configuration of servers of any operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris) on any platform (x86, RISC) and in different configurations (stand alone, high availability local clusters, campus and geographical clusters),
  • Installation and configuration of storage (DAS, NAS, Fiber Channel and iSCSI SANs),
  • Monitoring of servers, applications and services,
  • Support services to meet SLA levels, standard business hours coverage or 7x24, including on-site response for mission critical projects,
  • Preventive maintenance for hardware.

Virtualization is a major trend in the world of modern information technologies. It permits a more efficient use of IT resources and reduce both initial investments and operational costs.

Our solutions and services include:

  • A wide range of virtualization technologies,
  • Technology consulting,
  • Business consulting (e.g. business case definition),
  • Design of the server virtualization and consolidation solution,
  • Design of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructures,
  • Monitoring of servers, applications and services,
  • Software updates, including with automated patch deployment of operating systems and applications for VDI,
  • Project management and technical support.

New Frontier Group offers three virtualization levels:

  • Server Infrastructure: enables the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. By breaking the “one application, one server” principle, companies can share processing power and consolidating several applications in a single physical server.
  • Workstations (or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure): delivers centralized virtual machines (workstations) to the users via a computer network. The technology requires servers with stored virtual workstations as well as a physically thin client or PC. Virtualization allows immediate distribution of applications to end devices, simplifies their maintenance and enhance security. Desktop virtualization implementation results in up 40% savings when compared to a traditional desktop deployment approach.
  • Cloud Computing: a set of services can now coexist in a shared, scalable virtual platform. By using the cloud computing model, companies can easily access shared resources over a network (e.g.: network resources, servers, hard disk space, applications, services). New Frontier Group offers three service models: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
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Vital telecommunication solutions and infrastructure currently in place in Central and Eastern European countries (CEE) were deployed by New Frontier Group. We have vast experience in installing LAN and WAN networks, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions and security systems in both financial institutions and public agencies.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Design of complete network solutions,
  • Installation of passive network equipment and cable implementation (LAN),
  • Installation and commissioning of network solutions,
  • Delivery, implementation and operation of DHCP software in High Availability, DNS
  • (DNS hosting) and Directory Services,
  • Hosted Communications and productivity solutions: Web Hosting, Email hosting, unified communications solutions and productivity applications,
  • Technical support services, creation of technical documentation,
  • Monitoring of servers, applications and services,
  • Solutions updates (patch management and deployment),
  • Asset Management, Configuration Management, Problem Management.
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