Digital Core Business Systems



Digital is always evolving, which forces companies to continually invest in information technologies (IT) and update technical systems. New Frontier Group is a key partner during those times, supporting managers and the executive suite in their buying decisions and offering cutting-edge solutions in ERP, supply chain management, workflow, content and business process management systems as well as core bank and insurance software.


Business Value

How good is your core system? Core systems guarantee smooth sailing and, simultaneously, enables companies to complete strategic transformations. Their stability is essential to the success of your business.



By streamlining the information flows across departments, companies can increase productivity and gain greater control of business performance and operations. The core digital systems deployed by New Frontier Group are the best way to streamline information flows and improve the quality of knowledge shared within your organization. Speed up innovation, ensure more competitiveness and have better market and business insights by relying on our smart analytics solutions.



New Frontier Group is proud to count SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, Informatica among its business partners.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is at the core of every business. Its critical function can only be efficiently fulfilled by flexible and scalable systems. New Frontier Group is a leading provider of ERP systems in Central and Eastern Europe, having deployed ERP solutions in retail and distribution, industry and manufacturing, energy and utilities, transportation and pharma companies. Our projects covered small and mid-size enterprises as much as larger corporations, with contract values up to 10 million Euro.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Best in-breed solutions from SAP, Microsoft and Oracle, covering core business activities such as Supply Chain Management, Sales & Distribution, Customer
  • Relationship, Production, Finance & Accounting,
  • Business process consulting,
  • Systems integration,
  • Services implementation following standard methodologies (e.g. AGILE),
  • Systems configuration services,
  • Custom development,
  • Technical support.

Our business process management (BPM) systems eliminate gaps between enterprise applications and empower business to focus on core activities and strategic goals. Thanks to its friendly interface, interactions between human and machine and between technical and business departments are smoother and managers have the resources, time and energy to respond appropriately to changes in the competitive digital market. Our BPM systems support both the internal structure of the organization and external business relations.

Our services include:

  • Best in-breed BPM solutions such as Oracle BPM and IBM BPM,
  • Business consulting,
  • Systems integration,
  • Implementation services following standard methodologies (e.g. AGILE),
  • Systems configuration services,
  • Custom development,
  • Technical support.

Business support systems ensure timely billing and aid in the detection and prevention of fraudulent use of resources and services. New Frontier Group has extensive experience in providing business support systems for telecoms and banks.

The financial and information technologies (IT) experts at New Frontier Group are ready to manage bill production and integrate third-party solutions to most billing systems. Hire our services and make sure your company is ready to handle collection and bill production, as well as mediation, rating and charging engines.

New Frontier Group offers comprehensive solutions and services for detecting internal and external fraud. Advanced investigations tools and the automated scan of public data foolproof your company and products.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Advanced fraud detection capabilities,
  • Use of artificial intelligence for anomaly detection,
  • Advanced data visualization capabilities for investigation,
  • Online and offline access to essential public data,
  • A team of experienced consultants.
  • Our solutions:
    • Anti Fraud System (AFS): aimed primarily at financial, telecommunications service providers and insurance companies, it analyses and detects various types of fraud. It is designed to provide users with fast responses, handling tens of millions of events per hour. Thanks to its effective visualization tool it provides intuitive and rapid retrieval of hidden links and relationships in the data

Information management is key for success in the digital age. A stable information management system ensures consistency across platforms, reducing redundancy and resource waste and allowing for fast data retrieval. New Frontier Group is a leading provider of information solutions.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Our own New Frontier Group’s dataflow analysis tool,
  • Best-in-class enterprise solutions from third parties such as EMC, Informatica and IBM covering:
    • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL),
    • Master and Meta –Data Management Solutions,
    • Data integration solutions for data from inside and outside the organization,
    • Data quality and master data management solutions,
    • Data masking solutions, preparing environments for tests,
    • Archiving solutions for data from historical systems.
  • Consulting on data architecture and data security,
  • Technical Support.

New Frontier Group offers document management systems (DMS) that promote collaboration and ease document synchronization across company departments.

Our solutions cover functionalities such as:

  • Multi-language support,
  • User-friendly interface, including mobile access and unique business applications
  • Efficient search capabilities, so large a large amount of documents can be quickly scanned for accurate results,
  • Workflows to ensure the quality and integrity of the published content,
  • Customizable dashboards.

Our services include:

  • Best in-breed solutions such as IBM Filenet, Oracle Universal Content Management, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management,
  • Business consulting,
  • Systems integration,
  • Implementation services following standard methodologies (e.g. AGILE),
  • Systems configuration services,
  • Custom development,
  • Technical support.

The bank industry underwent a dramatic transformation in the past two decades. It saw core banking systems change from expensive and inflexible to scalable solutions that enable financial institutions to focus on customers and remain relevant in an environment of cutthroat competition.

New Frontier Group offers the best-in breed market solutions for property-casualty and a seamless implementation. Talk with one of our insurance expert consultants to learn more about our proven methodology.

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