Solution Overview



Don’t let your company be engulfed by an avalanche of data. You have social, mobile analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies to inform and facilitate — not complicate — business, strategic and operational decisions. Our solutions in big data analytics, performance management and business intelligence (BI) will ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


Business Value

Data is the only valuable currency in the digital age. Go beyond conventional business intelligence and smart analytics and unleash the power of the cloud to promote business growth and meet the expectations of your customer. New Frontier Group has solutions that combine external and internal analysis of data sources so you can move fast and solve specific problems in the business environment.



Our pre-packaged framework allows you quick access to digital analytics tools, analytical scenarios and action plans. Take advantage of our powerful “information as a service” platform and harvest the fruits of business intelligence without facing the hurdles of hardware deployment and software implementation.



Our business partners include SAP, IBM, Oracle, Elastic, Japersoft, Talend and Rapidminder.

Where do you store your data? Our data warehouse services combine database implementation and management tools and serve as the foundation of your business intelligence.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Data Warehouse Assessment,
  • Information architecture strategy,
  • Comprehensive structured data storage delivery (data-marts),
  • Data warehouse design and implementation,
  • Data integration, including ETL processes design and implementation,
  • Operations, maintenance and support,
  • Data performance management and optimization.

Business Intelligence (BI) are the set of tools and techniques that allow your company to align strategic goals and operational decisions, reduce costs and improve team performance. Consult one of our BI experts on how to simplify data retrieval using web-based applications and empower users to create customized reports without specialized help.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Delivery of comprehensive reporting systems and reports development,
  • Business, technological and process consultancy,
  • Business process definition and optimization,
  • BI environment performance optimization.

Do you need to achieve results in an unprecedented short time? We guarantee you that by using our big data and smart analytics tools, you will be able to harvest business results in a matter of days and weeks. New Frontier Group’s big data and smart analytics solutions draw knowledge from internal, external and public sources and is designed to grow on-demand, thanks to a cloud-based architecture that eliminates the need for investments in hardware.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Business consulting,
  • Identification of data sources and connectors,
  • Solution implementation, including:
    • Presentation, collaboration, knowledge/data sharing 
    • Data storage, metadata management and analytics 
    • Data integration 

Organize, evaluate and automate business methodologies, operational processes and internal systems with our performance management framework. Our performance management framework allows you to convert information into business decisions.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Comprehensive management information system delivery,
  • Integrated solutions for planning and budgeting,
  • Strategy map, scorecard, dashboard design and implementation,
  • Implementation of reporting and analyzing functionalities, including management and statutory reporting,
  • Business consulting for Key Performance Indicators (KPI),
  • KPI’s definition and design.
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