All WiTouch digital solutions are aimed at helping you develop B2B and B2C communication, turning these interactions into a win-win. Our plug & play solutions enable you to strategically position your products, perform location-based digital marketing plus reach and interact with customers.

The WiTouch Marketing Solution structures quality data in a meaningful way for your business

WiTouch is New Frontier Group's answer to local, data-driven marketing. It enables customers to execute data-driven marketing at their locations of interest and increases quality visitor engagement, ensuring relevant experience across devices. We are not talking just campaigns, but also content scenarios and personalized commerce experience targeted at specific place, time, and visitor group. Design and shape the customer buying process by structured promotions, campaigns, cross selling and upselling.

In order to provide top-quality user experience, we have designed a plug&play, easy-to-use marketing platform. WiTouch has a  high automation level with built-in business processes and ensures full control, and measurable results. Our platform provides marketing automation functionalities for location-relevant content delivery visitors, helping companies speak loud enough to entice their buyers.

  • exclusive digital communication channel
  • campaign and content management
  • asset management
  • real-time content marketing
  • geo targeting
  • access to immediate results and much more...
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